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Philein bespoke furniture collection designed by phi-interiors

P.H.I. Interior transposes the codes of haute couture to the world of furniture and decoration publishing. Its first collections directed by the decorator Philippe Lassaux combine creativity and crafts to share the design of exceptional pieces, made to order and made to measure.

Préambule. and Philein., the studio's first two collections, have as their common thread a range of colors drawn from travel diaries carried out in Iceland and Mongolia: moss greens, stone greys, earth and sky colours. A dialogue between mineral and plant, which invites nature into the heart of the domestic landscape. In terms of style, the designer finds his inspiration in the 1950s. A reference period punctuated with quotes from the 60s, 70s and 80s. "The style of the 1950s is to design, what Bach's compositions are to classical music", confides the man who gives his objects a sculptural, almost totemic dimension.

P.H.I. Interior opens its catalog with two collections that present a series of autonomous furniture, around different functions of the day area, such as resting, receiving, lighting, organizing. Each piece of furniture and object illustrates a tailor-made proposal in colors, fabrics and dimensions. Each expresses beyond the function a strong and original plastic expression, coupled with a remarkable technical achievement.

P.H.I. Interior presented its first collections as part of a traveling exhibition, the first stage of which was in Paris - April 12 to 15, 2023. At the same time, PHI invests the Metaverse where its collections are presented “freely” in the setting of lush nature, imagined in collaboration with the creative digital laboratory Evoquelab, based in Milan, Italy. Go to Collections.

Bespoke wooden lounge chair designed by phi-interiors

Philein. P.H.I. 2.0


Intense furniture pieces to pause and ponder

Credit: Fabienne Delafraye

Bespoke side table made of resin and wood in collaboration between phi-interiors and Hoegl

Preamble. P.H.I. 1.0


Collaboration bespoke furniture pieces

Credit: Karin Hackl

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