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Harlequin Collection at Milan Design Week

Harlequin Collection
Milan Design Week

Bespoke collection of collectible pieces,

celebrating the agility of masters of craftsmen,

in real life and in the studio's Metaverse

The encounter with Harlequin was through literature reading. The character of Harlequin entered Philippe Lassaux's imagination at the same time as he was sketching out his new collection. He rediscovered Harlequin's facetiousness, numbness and colours, and was moved by a lesser-known aspect of his personality: his agility. That is all it took to appoint him ambassador for his latest creations, which, in keeping with the spirit of the house, are a tribute to colours and craftsmanship as much as they are a blink to industrial design.

Like the hero of the Commedia dell'arte, Philippe Lassaux is masked. His drawing is always the enunciation of a technique, an artist or a craftsman. And the object, aimed to be unique, a means of sublimating the material. Loyal to his collaborations, the designer renews his trust in Maison Pouenat in France, the Ranieri workshops in Italy, the Austrian Studio Högl Borowski and the Finnish glassblower Milla Vaahtera.

These experts in fine craftsmanship are joined this season by master weavers from Nepal, cabinet-makers and goldsmiths from Thailand, all of whom excel in their field.

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