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About Us

Beyond the function, tend towards the sculpture.

Having comfort as a benchmark and timelessness as an ambition.

More than an object, forging a presence.

Make useful work and honorable design.


Launched in April 2023 in Paris and in the Métaverse, P.H.I. Interior transposes the codes of haute couture to the world of furniture and decoration publishing. Its first collections directed by the decorator Philippe Lassaux combine creativity and crafts to share the design of exceptional pieces, made to order and made to measure.


The birth of a label

Abbreviation of the Greek verb Philein, which means to love, and of the first name Philippe, P.H.I. Interior shares Philippe Lassaux's love for the materials, know-how and objects in which they enter into dialogue.


After having been Financial and Legal Director in France, then Retail Director of a major ready-to-wear brand in Asia, Philippe Lassaux has been asserting for five years a talent as a decorator as instinctive as it is distinctive. For himself first, when he launched with his husband and partner Philippe Rusin the concept of restaurants and cafes DARK, which quickly became a reference in Bangkok, the most visited city in the world. Four places are created under this brand, for which they have designed every detail with the aim of bringing together the map and the place. Then for the others, with orders which follow one another quickly in the fields of the hotel industry (Public House in Bangkok) and the residential sector (in Paris and Warsaw).


A travel diary

Over time, a method emerges. Each project is a pure creation developed from a palette of colors and materials. Rather than hunting or selecting, Philippe Lassaux designs his furniture, which he has produced by craftsmen whose work he admires and invites artists to dialogue with his proposals. This approach associates him with the exclusivity of the decorative arts, rather than the design industry.


P.H.I. Interior shares this approach. Préambule and Philein, the first two collections of the brand have as their common thread a range of colors drawn from travel diaries carried out in Iceland and Mongolia: moss greens, stone grays, colors of earth and sky. A dialogue between mineral and plant, which invites nature into the heart of the domestic landscape. In terms of style, the designer finds his inspiration in the 1950s. A reference period punctuated with quotes from the 60s, 70s and 80s. "The style of the 1950s is to design, what Bach's compositions are to classical music", confides the man who gives his objects a sculptural, almost totemic dimension.


Tribute to European crafts

Collection director of his own publishing house, Philippe Lassaux likes to highlight other artists spotted over the course of a permanent watch. In the Préambule collection, he gives the floor to Studio Hoegl & Borowski met in Austria and to the Finnish Milla Vaahtera. This invitation gives birth to a dialogue in objects, a happy marriage of two universes.


His exchanges are just as fruitful with craftsmen. The Préambule collection thus illustrates a remarkable highlighting of know-how. In France with the art ironworkers of Maison Pouenat and the upholsterers of the Jouffre workshops and in Italy with the enamelled lava experts of the Ranieri company. With each time the invention of forms that translate a vision on the material, as much as a way of taming it with grace.


P.H.I. Interior opens its catalog with two collections that present a series of autonomous furniture, around different functions of the day area, such as resting, receiving, lighting, organizing. Each piece of furniture and object illustrates a tailor-made proposal in colors, fabrics and dimensions. Each expresses beyond the function a strong and original plastic expression, coupled with a remarkable technical achievement.



Préambule is a choral collection that brings together the creative universe of Philippe Lassaux with that of other artists. With the Finnish Milla Vaahtera and the Austrians from Studio Högl Borowski, the decorator offers a series of objects that are easy to appropriate. If they are offered today in a range of colors chosen like a common thread, they will be made to order and made to measure to be perfectly adapted to their final destination.

The PHILEIN collection formalizes an art of living. It is a hymn to comfort and the essential. The lines are pure, taut. They tame the material for the pleasure of the eye and the rest of the mind.
 The finishes are sophisticated. The form tends towards an ideal. A comforting and stimulating presence emanates from the object, a perfect harmony between the know-how of the best French and European craftsmen and the creative universe of P.H.I. Interior. Each piece in the collection is made to order, in the dimensions and finishes chosen by the sponsor. Each P.H.I. Interior piece of furniture is unique.

PHI in real life and in the Metaverse
P.H.I. Interior presents its first collections as part of a traveling exhibition, the first stage of which took place in Paris from April 12th to 15th, 2023. At the same time, P.H.I. Interior invests the Metaverse where its collections are presented “freely” in the setting of lush nature, imagined in collaboration with the creative digital laboratory Evoquelab, based in Milan, Italy.

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