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P.H.I. Interior Bespoke Metal Sofa

PhileinP.H.I 1.07
Bespoke Metal Sofa

P.H.I. Interior

Maison Pouenat

Aluminum, brushed, light patinated finish, satin varnish


Dimensions (as presented)
H. 650 x W. 3140 x D. 950 mm

Info sheet inquiry 

P.H.I. Interior Bespoke Furniture

"As part of the new paradigm that the Philein. collection is creating, its metaverse expression includes this unique sofa, made of aluminum, upholstered with a Casamance fabric. We have deliberately chosen to give an exclusive character to our Metaverse, which creativity extends the one of our studio in real life. The collaboration with Evoquelab studio in Milan has been instrumental in achieving the perfect expression we were hoping to reach."

Milan based studio, founded in 2020 by Emanuele Longo and Paola Frascerra, with an education in Architecture. 


The Italian duo, has an elegant and authentic approach, inclined to portray clean and elegant aesthetics, producing high quality images, with the focus on fresh and contemporary aesthetics.

"We believe that every project, has a form of beauty, our role as 3d Designers, is to recognize it and translate it, into an evocative image."


Bespoke aluminum sofa
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