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Bespoke oak sofa designed by P.H.I. Interior

 PhileinP.H.I 1.06
Bespoke Wooden Sofa

P.H.I. Interior

Ateliers Jouffre
Souchet Woodworks



Dimensions (as presented)
H. 750 x W. 9610 x D. 821 mm

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Bespoke oak sofa designed by P.H.I. Interior
Bespoke oak sofa designed by P.H.I. Interior

"This was part of our first project together with Ateliers Jouffre. The amount of details and hours to upholster this statement piece was both mind-blowing and inspiring.


The passion all craftsmen from Atelier Jouffre is a true representation of the fine tradition of the upholsterer’s profession, blending know-how and French luxury."

Above all, Jouffre stands for extensive ancestral savoir-faire and virtuoso technical prowess, devoted to creativity – extremely exacting standards of meticulous perfectionism that have developed constantly since the adventure began, thirty years ago.


It is this excellence which crystallized in 2006 with the award of the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label for a five-year term. The honor was renewed in 2012, symbolizing a quest for perpetual perfection.

Maitre d'art ebeniste Souchet

"This masterpiece from our Philein collection is upholstered to deliver this sensation of sophisticated relaxation. Its infinite soft touch is a call for a moment to pause and ponder>"

Misia takes its inspiration from the freedom and avant-garde movement of the beginning of the last century, joyful, creative, daring, glamorous and refined and reinterprets this mood in a resolutely modern way.

"Each new launch is the fruit of a voyage or an artistic, cultural or emotional experience. The first collection, naturally, began in Paris, birthplace of art and creativity at the beginning of the last century. Since then, the brand has packed its suitcases and travelled in the company of its designer."


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