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Bespoke lava stone dining table

PhileinP.H.I 1.08
Bespoke Lava Stone Dining Table

P.H.I. Interior

Ferronnerie d'Art Despagne

Lava stone
Metal & Brass

H. 750 x W. 3000 x D. 110 mm

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Bespoke lava stone dining table
Bespoke lava stone dining table

"This table is both a miracle from nature and of a collaboration which started when the work could not travel. Imagination and passion led our way to this statement pieces, which brings both a delicate and comforting place around which to gather.

Towering over the city of Naples, Mount Vesuvius is the legendary landmark in Ranieri’s backyard.


The heart of the company is located in Terzigno, near Naples, and surrounded by the captivating beauty of the volcano.

"The lava stone we used to manufacture this custom piece for P.H.I. Interior is 450 years old.

Lava fields in Italy
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